Who is Dr. Mary DeLorey?


Dr. Mary DeLorey graduated from the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine in 1992 and has been in equine practice in Washington ever since. Her practice is devoted exclusively to high-quality general and advanced equine dentistry. Northwest Equine Dentistry’s mission is to complement and enhance the care that your horse gets from your regular equine veterinarian.

“During my 8 years in general equine practice, my time and interests focused increasingly on equine dentistry. In 2001, I decided to devote all my professional energies to this one discipline. I acquired more and more specialized training, traveling to work one-on-one with some of the most respected and experienced practitioners in the world to fine tune my skills. Every year I have the pleasure to meet over 1000 exceptional horses to help owners provide the very best in equine dental care.”

Dr. DeLorey travels nationally and internationally to lecture and instruct other veterinarians in equine dental technique. Her horse owner education articles are published in some of the largest horse interest publications in the country. And she’s been a contributor to several equine veterinary textbooks.


“As a medical professional, it is my responsibility to stay abreast of advances and changes in this very dynamic area of equine medicine. Intensively focused continuing education is an ongoing investment in both time and money that I regard as critical for my professional advancement. I am currently working to achieve certification in the newly formed (2014) College of Equine Veterinary Dentistry (part of the American Veterinary Dental College). To date, there are only 13 board certified equine dental practitioners worldwide.”

Dr. DeLorey is an active member of the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP), the profession’s premier organization for the scientific advancement of equine veterinary medicine and professional support. She served on the AAEP’s committee for Equine Dentistry and Dental Education from 2002-2004 and has served as an instructor or speaker at numerous veterinary meetings since 2003. She is a member of the Foundation for Veterinary Dentistry which operates exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes to promote and improve dental health for animals worldwide.
The following is a list of her instructor/lecturer engagements:

  • 2003 – Instructor, dentistry wet lab, AAEP Convention – New Orleans
  • 2004 – Panel member, Equine Dentistry, AAEP Convention – Denver
  • 2005 – Instructor dentistry wet lab AAEP Convention- Lexington
  • 2005 – Lecturer Wisconsin VMA annual meeting – Madison, WI
  • 2005 – Basic Dentistry Table Topic Facilitator AAEP Convention – Seattle
  • 2005 – Lecturer AAEVT series at AAEP Convention- Seattle
  • 2006 – Lecturer/Instructor Equine Dentistry Days, Arbeitsgruppe Pferd, Tillysburg, Austria
  • 2006 – Presenter AAEP Focus on Equine Dentistry – Indianapolis
  • 2006 – Basic Dentistry Table Topic Facilitator AAEP Convention – San Antonio
  • 2007 – Basic Dentistry Table Topic Facilitator AAEP Convention – Orlando
  • 2008 – Lecturer NDVMA annual meeting – Fargo, ND
  • 2008 – Instructor Florida Assoc. of Eq. Practitioners Promoting Excellence Dentistry Wet Lab
  • 2008 – Basic Dentistry Table Topic Facilitator AAEP Convention – San Diego
  • 2009 – Lecturer/section coordinator: Equine Dentistry; AVMA annual convention- Seattle
  • 2010 – Basic Dentistry Table Topic Facilitator AAEP Convention – Baltimore
  • 2013 – Panel member, “Equine Exclusive Dental Practices – Collaboration or Competition”; AAEP Focus on Equine Dentistry – Charlotte
  • 2013 – Lecturer, “The Business of Equine Dentistry” AAEP Business Education Meeting – Charlotte

“My practice is devoted exclusively to equine dentistry. My role is to work in concert with your regular equine veterinarian to achieve your goals for your horse’s health and performance. It is my pleasure and joy to serve horses and their owners in Washington and western Idaho.”

Contact Dr. Mary DeLorey today at Northwest Equine Dentistry.


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