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afs adAmerican Farriers Supply, the last place you will ever buy tools and supplies. At AFS we are committed to providing the very best service achievable at the very best price possible. Though our commitment is to being the best, we are aware that we may not carry everything you use. If there is a product you use regularly and would like us to carry, please, e-mail us at If you have any other problems or concerns please do not hesitate to call our friendly support staff at 1-800-634-2811, Monday thru Thursday 8 am to 5 pm CST and Friday 8 am to 4 pm CST. We are glad you chose American Farriers Supply and appreciate your business. We look forward to serving you! Shop all their products today.



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Facebook Horse DirectoryPlease head on over to our Facebook page Horseman’s Directory Online. We will follow back and share. You will find detailed Horse business posts, horse humor, horse blogs and just whatever we think our fellow #equestrian friends enjoy.