Commercial Break at Horseman’s A Horse Directory 

Horseman's A Horse Directory
Horseman’s Directory is taking time to move our offices this week and through the long weekend. When we gallop back Tuesday we have a lot to show and tell you. Horseman’s Horse Directory has been completely moved from print to all online publishing.

We’ve been around for over 35 years and myself, Kelli, the new publisher and daughter of Bob Kannberg the founder. I’ve been delivering horse directories since I was very young with my Dad. I’ve spent the last 25 years in the online marketing business, so the combination of grassroots and wireless marketing, we have it going on to be the best and simplest Horse Directory online, on smartphones, tablets and fro the amazing vibes in the Horse community, we will be the best in the Universe. Woah, easy there! 

What I’m going to do for all of us horse people, I will keep it simple, full of quality, and affordable. Great place for those looking for all their Equine needs for the perfect equestrian lifestyle. Also a great place to be found by up to 3000 visitors a day and with our new updates, growing substantially. 

You can get listed for $99 a year! I mean bridle that and take it home. 

We can hardly wait!!! 


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