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Accounting Services
Akhal-Teke Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Akhal-Teke Stallions
Alternative Health Care
American Bashkir Curly Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
American Saddlebred Farms – Horses For Sale
American Saddlebred Stallions
American Saddlebred Training Stables
Anatolian Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Andalusian Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Andalusian Stallions
Animal Abuse Prevention
Animal Carcass Removal
Animal Imaging and X-Ray
Antiques and Antique Shops
Appaloosa Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Appaloosa Stallions
Appaloosa Training Stables
Appendix Quarter Horses
Arabian Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Arabian Racing/Training Stables
Arabian Stallions
Arabian Training Stables – Show Horses
Arena Footings and Chips
Arena Lighting
Arenas – Outdoor Building and Repairing
Artists – Equine
Associations, Organizations, and Clubs
Awards, Trophies, and Ribbons
Azteca Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Barn Builders and Construction
Bed and Breakfast
Bedding – Horse
Belgian Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Blankets – Cleaning and Repair
Boarding Stables
Brands and Branding
Breeding Services and Facilities
Buckskin Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Builders – Horse Facilities
Buildings – Metal
Camps – Horse Oriented
Carts, Carriages, and Buggies
Catering and Food Service
Chaps, Jackets, Vests, and Accessories
Charity – Equine
Christmas Tree Farms
Christmas Trees
Clippers – Sales, Sharpening, and Repair
Clydesdale Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Colleges – Equine Study
Computer Services
Connemara Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Connemara Stallions
Consultants – Equine Sales
Consulting Services
Corrals, Stalls, Pens, and Shelters
Cremation Services
Custom Saddles
Custom Sewing and Tailoring
Custom Specialty Collars & Saddle Banners
Cutting Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design
Dog Care
Dog Walkers
Draft Horse Equipment
Draft Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Dude Ranches
Dun Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Dust Control
Electric Fence
Electrical Contractors
English Apparel
Equestrian Centers
Equestrian Facility Building and Design
Equestrian Properties
Equestrian Vacations and Adventures
Equine Air Transportation
Equine Brokers
Equine Business Opportunities
Equine Dentistry
Equine Nutrition Consultant
Equine Reproductive Specialists
Equine Semen Collection/Transportation
Equine Therapy
Eventing – Horse Classified Listings
Farm and Ranch Equipment – Repair
Farm and Ranch Equipment and Supplies
Farmers Markets
Farrier Supplies
Feed Manufacturers
Feed Stores and Dealers
Feed Supplements
Fell Ponies
Fly Control
Foundation Quarter Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Friesian Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Friesian Stallions
Gaited Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Gaited Horse Instruction
Shop Online – Horses, Equine, Equestrian, Gifts
Gifts – Equine
Gifts for Horse People
Golf Carts – Sales, Rentals, and Service
Guest Ranches
Gypsy Vanner Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Hackney Pony Farms – Ponies For Sale
Hackney Stallions
Haflinger Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Haflinger Stallions
Half-Arabian Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Hanoverian Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Hanoverian Stallions
Hay Bags
Hay Rides and Parades
Hay Sales
Homeopathic Medicine
Homozygous Tobiano Stallions
Hoof Care
Horse – Organic Products
Horse Abuse Prevention
Horse Care Instruction
Horse Care Products
Horse Cremation
Horse Feeders
Horse Parks
Horse Registries
Horse Rentals and Trail Riding
Horse Retirement & Layups
Horse Show Secretaries and Managers
Horse Sitting
Horse Supplements
Horse Transportation
Horse Trimming
Hot Walkers
Hotels and Motels
Hotels and Motels – Overnight Stabling
House Cleaning Services
House Sitting
Hunt Clubs
Hunter/Jumper Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Hunter/Jumper Stallions
Hunter/Jumper Training Stables
Icelandic Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Icelandic Stallions
Import/Breeders of Friesian Horses
Instruction – Barrel Racing
Instruction – Combined Training/Eventing
Instruction – Dressage
Instruction – Driving
Instruction – English
Instruction – General
Instruction – Hunter/Jumper
Instruction – Lessons
Instruction – Reining
Instruction – Roping
Instruction – Saddle Seat
Instruction – School Horse Provided
Instruction – Western
Instructor Training
Insurance – General and Equine
Insurance – Horse Industry
Internet Services
Jump Designers and Builders
Jump Rental
Kiger Mustang Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Layup Facilities/Horse Care
Leather and Tack Repair
Leather Care Products
Leather Goods
Lipizzan Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Lipizzan Stallions
Lusitano Stallions
Magazines and Newspapers
Magnetic Therapy
Manure & Mud Management
Miniature Donkeys
Miniature Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Miniature Horse Stallions
Miniature Horse Training Stables
Miniature Sicilian Donkeys
Missouri Fox Trotter Farms – Horses For Sale
Missouri Fox Trotter Stallions
Missouri Fox Trotter Training Stables
Morab Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Morab Stallions
Morgan Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Morgan Stallions
Morgan Training Stables – Show Horses
Mountain Pleasure Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Mounted Search and Rescue
Mustang Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Mustang Stallions
National Show Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
National Show Horse Stallions
Natural Horsemanship
Norwegian Fjord Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Norwegian Fjord Stallions
Nursery – Plant and Tree
Oldenburg Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Oldenburg Stallions
Overnight Stabling
Overo Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Overo Stallions
Pack Equipment
Paint Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Paint Horse Stallions
Paint Horse Training Stables
Palomino Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Palomino Stallions
Paso Fino Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Paso Fino Stallions
Paso Fino Training Stables
Pasture Management
Percheron Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Peruvian Paso Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Peruvian Paso Stallions
Peruvian Paso Training Stables
Pest and Insect Control
Pet Food and Supplies
Pintabian Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Pinto Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Pinto Stallions
POA Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
POA Stallions
Polo Clubs
Pony Clubs
Posts and Poles
Publishers – Directory and Guide
Quarter Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Quarter Horse Stallions
Quarter Horse Training Stables
Race Tracks
Racing Stables
Rack Manufacturers – Saddle, Tack, and Blanket
Real Estate
Real Estate – Equine Property Specialists
Real Estate – Loans
Reining Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Riding Academies and Stables
Rocky Mountain Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Rocky Mountain Stallions
Rodeo – Dates, Places, and Organizations
Rubber Mats
Saddle and Tack Repair
Saddle and Trail Riding Clubs
Saddle Fitting and Reflocking
Saddlebred Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Saddlery and Harness
Screen Printing
Sharpening – Sales & Repair
Sheriffs Posses
Shetland Stallions
Show Apparel
Show Apparel – Used
Showgrounds and Arenas
Shows and Exhibits
Signs, Lettering, and Banners
Small Housing – Alternative Housing, Shipping Container Homes
Spanish Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Spanish Mustang Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Sport Horse Breeders
Sport Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Sport Horse Stallions
Sports Therapy and Massage – Equine
Sports Therapy and Massage – Personal
Stall Accessories
Stall Padding
Stallion Section
Standardbred Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Standardbred Training Stables
Stunts, Shows, and Specialties
T T.E.A.M.
Tack – Used
Tack and Supplies
Tack and Supplies – Wholesale
Tax Consultants – Equine
Tennessee Walking Horse Breeding and Sales
Tennessee Walking Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Tennessee Walking Horse Stallions
Tennessee Walking Horse Training Stables
Therapeutic Riding Programs
Thoroughbred Bloodstock Agents
Thoroughbred Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Thoroughbred Stallions – Bloodstock
Thoroughbred Training Stables
Timing Systems
Tobiano Stallions
Tractors – Sales, Rental, and Repair
Trailer – Rental
Trailer Accessories
Trailers – New and Used
Trailers – Repair and Supplies
Trails and Trail Head Facilities
Training – Multi-Discipline
Training and Sales – Combined Training/Eventing
Training and Sales – Cutting Horses
Training and Sales – Dressage
Training and Sales – Driving
Training and Sales – English
Training and Sales – Gaited Horses
Training and Sales – General
Training and Sales – Halter
Training and Sales – Hunter/Jumper
Training and Sales – Performance Horses
Training and Sales – Pleasure
Training and Sales – Quarter Horse/Paint
Training and Sales – Racing
Training and Sales – Reining
Training and Sales – Roping
Training and Sales – Saddle Seat
Training and Sales – Show Horses
Training and Sales – Thoroughbred
Training and Sales – Western
Trakehner Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Trakehner Stallions
Truck Dealers
Truck Rentals
Veterinarians – Equine
Veterinary Care Products
Video Productions and Services
Walkaloosa Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Walkaloosa Stallions
Warmblood Horse Farms – Horses For Sale
Warmblood Stallions
Warmblood Training Stables
Weather Screens
Welsh Pony and Cob Farms – Horses For Sale
Welsh Pony and Cob Stallions
Western Clothing and Apparel
Wild Horses
Work Clothing and Accessories
Young Sports Horse Training
Youth Groups and 4-H



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Orange County Equine Veterinary Services

OC EQUINE LOGOOrange County Equine Veterinary Services is proud to offer a comprehensive range of services to help keep your equines at their optimal levels of performance. We stay current on changes in equine medicine and technology and use some of the latest and most advanced tools available.

Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:


ChiropracticOC VET
Digital radiography
Emergency coverage
Extracorporeal shockwave therapy
Lameness exams
Lameness diagnostics
Lameness therapeutics
Ophthalmic examinations
Parasite control (de-worming)
Pre-purchase examinations
Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy
Regenerative therapies

Another amazing attribute to Orange County Veterinary Service is their online pharmacy. Click the photo below to see what’s on their virtual shelves.Online Store OC VET

Spinnaker Farm Equine Veterinary Clinic WA

Spinnaker Farm Equine Veterinary Clinic

Clinic in Washington - Spinnaker Equine Veterinary Clinic

Photo by: Spinnaker Equine Veterinary Clinic

Born, raised, and educated in Portland, Oregon, Dr. Heather Wenzell developed a passion for the equine industry during her preteen years when she involved herself in three-day eventing and show-jumping. Her continued success at horse shows throughout North America ultimately led to her specializing in show-jumping and breeding Hanoverian sport horses.

Dr. Wenzell has ridden for a number of years as a Northwest A-Circuit Grand Prix rider, training under three-time Olympian Kevin Freeman, and later under Hap Hansen, a renowned US Grand Prix competitor. She continued to ride at this level while receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Portland. She currently trains and competes under the tutelage of Phillip Cillis of Westwood at Rancho Riding Club in San Diego, California.

In 1997, while continuing to compete throughout the Northwest and California, Dr. Wenzell began veterinary school at Oregon State University. Upon receiving a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine with a focus on equine medicine, surgery, and dentistry in 2001, she received state licensure in Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington. Years of training and experience working as an associate equine practitioner for practices in both Arizona and California enabled her to move back home to the northwest in June of 2005. Soon after, she opened Spinnaker Farm Equine Veterinary Clinic while living in Lacey, Washington.

Spinnaker Farm Equine Veterinary Clinic is affiliated with the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP), the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), and Dr. Wenzell maintains memberships in the USA Equestrian Federation, the Pacific Coast Horse Show Association (PCHA) and the American Hanoverian Society.

Joanne Y. Pierce Fine Art

Horseman’s Directory enjoys each and every sponsor over the last 35 years. We get to share in your work and appreciate the dedication in each and every one of you. We WELCOME – Joanne Y. Pierce to our Horse Directory. Joanne has a new project (below) of Triple Crown Winners Secretariat, Seattle Slew, Affirmed and American Pharoah. What a gorgeous painting. Learn what she’s doing with it by reading a letter from Joanne.

Fine Art by Joanne Y. Pierce

Dearest Friends and Family,

It is my great honor and pleasure to unveil my latest philanthropic project – “Triple Crown Winner Montage”.  Inspired by my love and appreciation for the horse racing community, this 20”x30” framed portrait montage of prominent Triple Crown winners Secretariat (1973), Seattle Slew (1977), Affirmed (1978), and American Pharoah (2015) will be presented during the silent auction at this year’s Hats Off to Kentucky’s Horse Industry Day at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington on Saturday July 29th.

As many of you know, the horse industry in Kentucky generates 80,000 – 100,000 direct and indirect jobs and impacts the local economy by an estimated $8 billion dollars. In celebration of the horse, Kentuckians flock to the Kentucky Horse Park on Hats Off Day for a free day of family fun and an opportunity to learn more about the remarkable influence horses have on their great state and worldwide.

Along with a fun-filled day of children’s activities, free pony rides, educational booths, and interactive equine stations, there is the opportunity to see some of the best hunter jumpers and riders in the world display their talents at the Rood & Riddle Kentucky Grand Prix. The Rood & Riddle Kentucky Grand Prix, a challenging show jumping competition between top international horses and riders, is the featured evening entertainment of Hats Off Day and is taking place in the breathtaking outdoor Rolex Stadium.

“Triple Crown Winner Montage” will be auctioned off in the Sponsors’ Tent during the Grand Prix event to benefit the beautiful and meaningful work that my friends at the Kentucky Equine Humane Center and the Kentucky Horse Park Foundation dedicate themselves to year-round. To learn more about this fabulous event and how you can get tickets to the Grand Prix, be sure to visit .

Tom and I are very excited to be making the trip down to Lexington this weekend. If you’re in the area, do yourself a favor and spend some time down at the Kentucky Horse Park. Hope to see you there!

Speak to you soon,

View Ridge Farm – Sonya Vracko

Washington View Ridge FarmsSonja Vracko a very wise and hands down caring human being. When I had the opportunity to speak with Sonja, she wanted to emphasize to me, that in her lessons, she doesn’t use anything but energy and voice. Her pureness with the horses is a great and valuable tool to all that learn from her. Find all about Sonja Vracko and View Ridge Farm.

Sonja began teaching in the United States in 1969. She created View Ridge Farm Equestrian Center in 1978, where to this day she trains riders and horses through all levels. During yearly horse purchasing trips for clients, Sonja keeps up with her education and rides with some of the top European trainers. She also hosts clinics at her farm with well renowned European Clinicians.

Visit View Ridge Farm and see what Sonya Vracko has available for you!

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