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I didn’t grow up a handmade goods maker. But I’m a proud leather goods maker now! After looking at different things I could do in my free time, I noticed hand made leather goods were lacking. Sure, there were options out there, but none were really and truly “hand made.” Lowry Leather sets out to change that.

Each and every one of our leather items; everything from our Dopp kits, field notes, to our key chains and wallets are hand made, stitch-by-stitch.

I believe it is important to know that every part of the process has as much care taken as any other, so I inspect every product before it goes out the door as if it were my own.

If you have any questions, please send me a note below! (Note: I also do custom orders so please send me a message to see what we can create for you!)

20638167_1853439088303425_1995539795260107537_n You can find collections, field notes, wallets, and key chains on Lowry Leather’s Online Shop here.

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3rd Day Hay isn’t your typical hay store located in Ocala, FL. We farm ourselves and know what it takes to make horse quality hay.


Already running a successful hay operation in Orangeville, Ontario, we envisioned opening hay stores throughout the United States. It was an easy decision to make opening the 1st store in “The Horse Capital of the World”, Ocala, Florida.

3rd Day Hay is now selling hay to customers as far north as Atlanta, all the way to down to Tampa, in Orlando and as far as Homestead. You can see our delivery locations and schedule by clicking here. Our goal is to open several stores throughout Florida and eventually in other states.  In a little over a year, we opened our second store in Tampa, Florida.

download (4)We strive to cater to each customer’s specific needs, regardless of order size, types of hay or specific needs. Our staff at 3rd Day Hay is very accommodating to customers by making it easy for them to order hay by accepting orders from any social media platform, email, coming into the store or by telephone.

Hay-Stores-in-Ocala-300x176We ensure our customers get quality hay by sending our own drivers and trucks directly to farmers that make our hay.

3rd Day Hay has expanded and now offers products from Standlee and Manna Pro for all livestock, bagged shavings, and some of the latest technologies in the equine industry for horse care like Stay Sound Wraps and Kombat Boots.

We also run monthly promotions via Social Media, including contests like #MyMaySelfie and its $400 grand prize, so don’t forget to keep an eye on our Facebook PageTwitter, and Instagram to keep up with the latest going on at 3rd Day Hay.

The best hay for sale in Ocala and throughout Florida! 3rd Day hay always has a great selection of alfalfa, timothy/alfalfa, orchard/alfalfa, timothy/grass and Bermuda grass hay for sale.

Buildings by Alpha

Buildings by Alpha

Alpha Enterprises USA Co started as Alpha Firewood, a part-time firewood business in 1995, catering to the bundled firewood market, servicing campgrounds, convenience stores, and grocery stores.


In 2005, we desired to diversify and started Buildings By Alpha. At first, we produced storage sheds and mini barns but because of the demand, we soon started producing cabins and specialty-buildings such as playhouses and vendor booths.

In 2009, we again expanded into a new line of products by creating horse and livestock run-in sheds.runin

We deliver all our buildings throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois. Our mission is to produce a ready-to-use building with high-quality materials and with high-quality construction, yet affordable enough to give the customer the Best Value.

About Alpha Enterprises USA Co

We are “Best in Service, Best in Value”. We intend to stand behind that phrase as we are sure you will agree. We also say “YOU MAY FIND IT CHEAPER, BUT THEN IT IS,” meaning there are cheaper buildings out there, however, if you compare the materials & construction to what we provide, you will see theirs are cheaper.

Call us at (608) 633-2687 and we can explain to you the differences. We look forward to serving you in your ready-to-use building needs!