Affordable Advertising

Horseman’s Directory has a spot for your business to get listed …

You will get affordability and an impactful, quality filled listing with proper keywords and tags. It also helps that we’ve been online with over 5 million visitors since the start. What we do is we keep it simple, so it’s simple for you and simple enough of a horse directory for those trying to find you and your business.

By clicking the link you can purchase on the spot, be sure to leave your email and web address and we will send the listing to you via email within 12-24 hours. We can make any changes and edits. We will make it so simple for you to understand, and your future clients.

Here’s a simple breakdown of our advertising rates; all YEARLY!

Horseman’s Directory Listing – $49

Horseman’s Directory Enhanced Listing – $99

  • Bio – keyword specific
  • Logo linked to your website
  • 2 categories
  • 2 keywords for simple search <– example of an Enhanced Listing

Horseman’s Enhanced Listing with Social Media -$149

  • Bio
  • Logo linked to your website
  • 3 categories
  • 3 simple search keywords
  • Follow, Share and Like all Social Media Avenues throughout the year, proper tags

Horseman’s Kit and Kaboodle -$199

  • Enhanced Listing (as described above)
  • Social MediaPackage as above
  • Banner and Logo Package linked to your website on the top or right side of your categories and in your market.

Horseman’s Blog Posts and Product Shares – $149

Concentrating on sharing your Open Houses, Events, Shows, Sales and anything that’s important to you to get out there to our audience. We do that in this advertising avenue.

  • Logo on the blog linked to your website
  • Detailed with proper keywords and tags blogs (5 blogs total in a years time)
  • Your blog will be shared at all our social media branches